Last week MarketMinds hosted over one hundred and fifty people from across insurance, InsurTech and tech for drinks in the shadow of Lloyd's of London. We held the party because there simply just aren't enough of them for people involved in innovation in insurance. This is partly due to innovation having become a rather serious topic, there is a lot of doom and gloom around the subject but for no good reason. The whole space is a lot of fun, it is all about ideas and the art of the possible. Brilliant people from all walks of life are starting extremely ambitious and bold companies that are trying to improve the global insurance industry. This is very exciting to be around, the sheer ambition and creativity of some of these companies and the exceptional people who lead them create a sense of building the future and making it a whole lot better than the present. This event was supported by . 

Just through a process of osmosis, you cannot help being inspired and that was definitely the feeling at our summer drinks last week.  

As part of our new Women In InsurTech series, we are conducting a podcast this week about the challenges startups are facing when it comes to funding. One of our main calls to action will be about the necessity to network. Meeting likeminded people and discussing big ideas and problems is a vital part of the innovation puzzle. Insurance is a people business and it is likely to stay that way for many, many years. In order for the London market to survive, let alone the global industry, practitioners from the incumbent world and the new world are going to have to work together, understand one another in order to achieve great things.

At MarketMinds we have reached the conclusion that more parties will spur on more innovation and possibly save the London market from complete annihilation. Look out for them at the end of this month and our main all night soiree after our annual conference Insurance 3.0!